Manufacturer as no one is responsible for the quality of products. But this is impossible without the proper organization of the tests. Our test lab is used for testing radioelectronic equipment, performs high-precision acoustic measurement and testing technology.



  In the age of information technology to protect your computer is not a simple password. Important information can be stolen or destroyed. Your phone conversations can be heard, as business negotiation is not already your private affair. How to make life safe?



  Our measuring system complexes are specifically designed for automatic, semi-automatic and manual measurements of radiation in an anechoic chamber, and a shielded room. Precision equipment provides a comprehensive and objective measurements.



There are 5 Facts about calipso


29.12.2012 Calipso has received the award the enterprise of the year

The Calipso Company develops and produces systems of information protection, and it is not just engaged in their sale. Own engineering and design group constantly improves the products.

Responsible and high-quality customer approach is confirmed by that every second commercial bank – which is client of «Calipso», addresses to us again.

Also the company constantly implements the projects for State Security Services, the Cabinet of Ukraine, and Administration of the President of the Ukraine.

Besides, "Calipso" - the official sales representative of the TDK company in the territory of the CIS, TDK, the global manufacturer of information carrier and means of shielding, of an annual turnover in $11 billion.

Calipso Company finds the acceptancy also the experts of the branch. Development of the enterprise is annually estimated properly at profile international exhibitions.