Materials for anechoic shielded rooms

"Calipso" Co.Ltd. offers separate materials for anechoic shielded rooms. Since 2010 we are the exclusive sales representative of a world leader in the field of shielding - TDK company on the territory of the CIS.

The IS-080S oblique incident absorber

Абсорбер с наклонным углом TDK IS-080S


The IS-080S oblique incident absorber is constructed from carbon loaded, conductive polyethylene foam. This uniquely designed, pyramidal shaped RF absorber has exceptional absorption performance for high oblique incident angle as well as normal incidence.


Ferrite Tile Floor Plate FP-2 (26 MHz - 1 GHz EMS)

Напольная ферритовая плита TDK FP-2


The ferrite tile floor plate FP-2 is constructed from a metal base, tuned dielectric material and TDK IB-017 ferrite tiles. Finished with protective edges and rubber feet, FP-2 ferrite plate can be easily removed and handled.


Ferrite Absorber IB-015

Ферритовый абсорбер TDK IB-015


The IB-015 ferrite tile absorber is especially suitable for precompliance compact anechoic chambers for radiated emission measurements and 3 meter test range, fully compliant semi-anechoic chambers.


Ferrite Tile Floor Plate FP-2 & IP-045C Absorber (26 MHz - 18 GHz EMS)

Ферритовая напольная плита TDK FP-2 и абсорбер TDK IP-045C (26 МГц - 18 ГГц)


The TDK IP-045C cascade absorber is a high performance, ultra wide band absorber with an operating frequency of 30 MHz to 40 GHz. Small in size and lightweight but with high mechanical strength, it is the perfect absorber solution for higher frequency measurement applications in compact type and 3 meter/5 meter fully compliant anechoic chambers.


Ferrite Absorber X-131 & Dielectric

Ферритовая плитка TDK X-131  и диэлектрическая доска


The X-131 ferrite tile and dielectric board absorber enabled TDK to introduce the world's first compact anechoic chamber (with dimensions of 7.0 m L x 3.0 m W x 3.0 m H) now adopted as the industry standard.


Wide Band Cascade Absorber IP-130BL

Каскадный абсорбер TDK IP-130BL


The TDK IP-130BL cascade absorber is the most technically advanced ultra wide band absorber. Its computer designed, lightweight structure offers superb mechanical strength combined with exceptional performance.



Ферритовый абсорбер TDK IB-015 и диэлектрический материал

Ферритовая плитка TDK IB-015  и диэлектрическая доска


Ферритовая плитка TDK IB-015 и диэлектрическая доска дают возможность соорудить самую маленькую полу безэховую камеру с измерительным расстоянием 3м (9.0 м Д x 6.0 м Ш x 5.4 м В).


Wide Band Cascade Absorber IP-090BL

Каскадный абсорбер TDK IP-090BL


With a length of 95 cm, the IP-090BL cascade absorber is the world's shortest absorber over its given frequency range and performance. 10 meter semi-anechoic chambers can be constructed with dimensions of 18 m L x 12 m W x 8.4 m H, with a 20% increase in usable chamber space.


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