Acoustic anechoic chamber

Acoustic anechoic chambers are used when you want to create an environment as close as possible to the conditions of open space (with no external noise and vibration).

Anechoic chamber is used to perform high-precision acoustic measurement and testing of acoustic technology design, including:

  • large-scale simulation and testing of radiating systems and structures;
  • testing of acoustic absorbing materials;
  • measuring the performance (sensitivity, operating range);
  • calibration of the sound pick-up devices and systems based on them.

Acoustic anechoic chamber

Конструкция акустически заглушенной (безэховой) камеры – АЗК-09К.


Acoustic anechoic chamber (AAC) is designed to facilitate carrying out high-precision acoustic measurements and approvals of technologies of acoustic design including:

- scale modeling and testing emitting systems and structures;
- testing acoustic absorbing materials;
- measuring operational characteristics (sensitivity, operation range) and calibrating sound picking appliances and systems on its basis.