TDK RF Solutions provides innovative solutions for test systems and interference susceptibility, covering a wide range of specifications.

Our technical expertise includes the following:

  • Radiated and conducted interference
  • The sensitivity of the emitted and conducted radiation
  • The complexity of the system and control
  • Monitoring of the EUT
  • The test system of SAR
  • Control room, shielded room and chamber design
  • U.S. test standards and international standards

Proven Solutions

The development of the test system of TDK RF Solutions are based on proven systems for the tests of the industrial, telecommunication, automotive and military equipment in the countries of Europe, North America and Asia. As a result of our extensive experience and a large number of installations the design of our system is dynamic, we continuously incorporate the latest technology in our installations, resulting in each new installation of more efficient and controllable than previous.

Experience of construction of a system

Our experience in the construction of the EMC test systems includes research, design, development, installation, and training. We will carry out your wishes with the help of "turn-key" with the best equipment and components, quality manufacturing and continuous communication between the user, the system and its environment.

EUT Monitoring System (EUT-TS)

Система наблюдения испытываемого оборудования TDK RF Solutions


The TDK RF Solutions EUT Monitoring System integrates monitoring instrumentation, video and audio equipment, and software to provide EUT signal monitoring, EUT stimulation, and monitoring for visual or audio interference during testing.


TDK Specific Absorption Rate Test System (SAR-TS)


Испытательная система коэффициента удельного поглощения (SAR-TS)


SAR System Components – robot with probe, twin phantom and integrated table, validation instrumentation in mini-rack, dipole antenna, and EUT mounting device.


Radiated/Conducted EMS Test System (EMS-TS)

Испытательная система TDK RF Solutions EMS


The TDK RF Solutions EMS Test System incorporates the latest technologies to efficiently test to the specifications applicable to your products.


Radiated/Conducted EMI Test System (EMI-TS)

Испытательная система EMI-TS


The TDK RF Solutions Radiated Emissions Test System integrates best-in-class test instrumentation, antennas, and software to provide automated testing for electromagnetic emissions according to U.S. and international test specifications.