Protected automatized workplace

Protected workplace is intended for operation in special communication systems. Leakage or loss of information is prevented with the help of special technologies.

It is often composed of separate parts. For example, a shielded cabinet, monitor and controls.

Protected automatized workplace


Protected automatized workplace on the basis of EVM-ZARM is designed for the operation in the system of special communication which require protection of information from leakage via channels of side electromagnetic emissions and ghosts on special objects of 1,2,3 categories.

The product plays function of passive protection of assemblies of electronic technology from leakage of information and is designed for processing of textual information in the complex of systems and complexes of cryptographic protection of information, in the systems of encoding documental communication and on other objects where circulates information with limited access.

Technical characteristics:

  1. Technical characteristics of ZARM are determined by technical characteristics of the equipment placed in the block reflection of information (BM), block of information input (BK) and in the special shielded cabin SESH-5Kp).
  2.  Power supply of ZARM is provided from the AC network Voltage 220±10V frequency 50±1 Hz via transformer Трр-220/110-220.
  3.  Maximum consumption current of the installed equipment doesn’t exceed 2.0A.
  4.  ZARM weight 24-2, kg - 175;

The product includes:

  • Special shielded cabin at the amount of 2 pcs.;
  • keyboards ;
  • monitor block ;
  • power supply module ;
  • Special operator’s worktable.