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The rapid development of the radio and the Internet causes evergrowing "clogging" of the surrounding space by a high-frequency noise. Electromagnetic fields more and more influence the quality of communication, cause malfunctions in IT-equipment.

In addition, there is a real possibility, with the help of special equipment to listen to the talks, to pick up confidential information from servers, to interfere in the work of information systems, to destroy the data on electronic media intentionally or through negligence.

The only reliable way to protect against these types of threats is a special shielding of server rooms. The National Bank of Ukraine in its resolution 243 ordered all banks to shield premises of server rooms and electronic payments.

To solve these problems "Calypso" S&P Co.Ltd. provides specialized comprehensive protection of data processing centers and data centers and shielding of premises.

Stationary shielded chamber

Stationary shielded chamber (premises) differs from a similar model of GARANT-ZRM shielded chambers in the way that it is stationary and is designed for:

  1. Placement in it telecommunication and electronic equipment;
  2. Protection of equipment placed in it from outside destructive electromagnetic influence;
  3.  Protection of information with limited access from leakage via technical channels when using shielded chamber as the means of technical protection of information:

GARANT-ZRM shielded chamber


GARANT-ZRM shielded chamber

GARANT-ZRM shielded chamber  is designed for:

  • protection of telecommunication and electronic equipment from external destructive electromagnetic influence;
  • protection of limited access data from leakage through technical channels when using GARNT-ZRM EK as a means of technical protection of information: